I am Ram( aka Maverick ), the Founder and CEO of this server and website. I want To introduce myself so that the members have an idea about my experience in stocks and what I do other than trading. I am in university right now studying physics and economics. My research areas in physics include astrophysics, semiconductor electronics and econophysics which is a combination of physics and economics! I believe as a physicist that all things in nature and man made including the stock market will follow a pattern and we should be able to identify this however hard this might be and use it for our benefit.

Physicists use math to identify patterns in nature and this mathematical modelling can be applied to anything  I have a set of indicators which I follow to identify trends and call out alerts. I base my hypothesis based on these indicators ( ENIGMA and ALGOBOX )

I believe that each trader after some time should venture out on their own. Feel free to reach out to me if you happen to have any questions. About the relationship between Physics and Economics


Having built my first computer at age 11, soon after studying C++ & Java, and then finally pursuing a career in mechanical engineering, many people ask why I have spent so much time studying the markets. The answer is simple, the stock market combines many of my interests such as politics, history, culture, economics, and yes even engineering & computer science. My knowledge across these many domains is what contributes to my success in the market, it allows me to make very accurate and quick judgements relative to other individuals, especially in the technology and industrial sectors. Ultimately my goal is to turn my decision making process into an algorithm that requires no outside intervention to function. I have decided to dedicate a significant portion of the next decade to achieving that goal, I hope you will be here to join that journey.

APEX ALGOS are a part of WE TRADE ALERTS registered and franchised to sell the software ( ENIGMA and ALGOBOX ) in Canada 


I am Dev, Chief Operating Officer(COO). I take control of giving investment advice and alerts for NSE,BSE(India),SGX(Singapore),JPX(Japan), Cryptocurrency and trading activities of We Trade Alerts in the Asia Pacific region. I am an Online Marketer, a Full-Time Trader and also a YouTuber.  I believe that passive income is one of the most needed skills to succeed in today's economic environment. We are a company who gives people the needed skills to succeed, be financially independent and make money work for them. Join us to learn more and check out the packages available.